New Guild Website and upcoming server maintenance!

Hey all,

I just thought I’d post a small note that the main domain/website will be offline for a few days as I’m upgrading the webserver. The forums ( will remain fully operational during the upgrades.

Once I’ve completed the upgrades and brought the server back up, I’ll be launching the new Rikana website. The new site is going to start in stages.

The first stage will be a new blog allowing everyone to keep up with the latest Rikana news and events.

The second stage will be the release of the guild’s new code of conduct and ranking structure. The guild has grown and evolved over the years, through several games, and we’ve adapted along the way. These changes are simply the next step!

The code of conduct should feel very familiar to anyone who has been in the guild for any length of time; I wouldn’t expect to see any significant changes.

The ranking structure may feel different for some who have joined us during our World of Warcraft days. I’ll go into more detail once the new structure has released, but take comfort in that the overall approach of Leader -> Officer -> Member is still the approach. There will be more definition of what an officer or member entails, mostly for a roleplaying aesthetic. For members who have been with us since our Star Wars Galaxies days, and our founding, you should find it very familiar.

I’m excited about the changes and our next steps as a guild/gaming community. I’m hoping to see some familiar faces return and to make some new friends as we venture forth in World of Warcraft and the gaming world!