Fresh Start: Preparing for the Battle For Azeroth on Stormrage

Hey everyone,

Since the beginning of Rikana’s time in Azeroth in 2005 we’ve had a home on the Kilrogg server. We had a lot of success on Kilrogg as a guild up through Cataclysm and was typically one of the top 15 raiding guilds on the server. A lot’s changed since our time away from the game with new features.

I’ve decided that it’s time for Rikana to have a fresh start on a new server home as we begin anew in Battle for Azeroth. Kilrogg will always have found memories for us but sometimes a fresh start is just the way to go. We’re celebrating our 15th year as a guild and as we’ve been inactive in World of Warcraft for several years this seemed like the logical time to take the leap.

Cross realm grouping and raiding have made finding groups easier than ever before. It’s opened up a ton of new options as well. The one limited factor is if we intend to raid Mythics we still need to recruit guild members on our server to fill our roster. With that goal in mind I’ve been looking at the total population of Alliance characters and Stormrage is by far one of the largest populations.

If you still follow the guild, and are interested in coming back to the guild and joining us on this new journey please let me know. You’re more than welcome to join us again. Whether it’s with a server transfer of an existing character or a boosted 110 character come join the fun! If the servers permit us to play together cross realm you’re more than welcome to invite us for that too!

I have started a Blizzard Group for Rikana so that our friends, in the guild and outside it, can come together and chat, whether cross faction or cross game.

If you have any questions or comments just let me know!