FFXIV: Streaming

If you’re interested, I’ll be streaming Final Fantasy off and on. You can check out my stream at Forge. I think it saves past game play if people feel like watching it too. I think I can do highlights and what not but I’m mostly just poking around as I learn more about the game.

Made it to level 15 last night on my Thaumaturge. Inching closer to 25 and forming the free company. Also did finally manage to be online when @Nachtlich was so he’s on my friends list and in the linkshell.

Need more people to play!

I made it to level 22 Thaumaturge and picked up Archer. Got to level 8 on him.

Also did my first two dungeons tonight. They were mostly tank and spank but still fun to do. Looks like I have one more to do tomorrow as part of the world stories.