2008 roster?

Anyone happen to have a screenshot or other documentation of the BC/LK WoW roster circa 2008? Wife and I were reminiscing and would love to have memory jogged with some of the names we couldn’t recall.

Hey @ChaoticLight!

Let me look through my old backups and see what all names I can find for you. Unfortunately, I lost the old forum data from that time period (thanks basement flood for destroying that PC!), but I do have all of our old boss kill screenshots. I’ll see what I can find for you!

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Good news!

I found an old copy of the guild roster that I pulled from the Blizzard API / WoW Armory back in the day. I’m not sure when it’s from exactly but since it has Delebrin as GM that should put it during Wrath of the Lich King. I’ll type out the list and post it a little later today.

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Much appreciated!

These are ordered by guild rank, so the lower in the list you get the more likely it was that it’s an alt. Most of the guild is level 80 in this, so it’s from Wrath at some point in time. It’s going to be before Tournament of the Crusader / Ice Crown Citadel raids (since I’m still a Priest and not a Druid).

name classId
Delebrin Priest
Rothin Rogue
Degara Warrior
Tranami Shaman
Amannah Hunter
Phearde Warlock
Delanii Death Knight
Bynal Hunter
Jandrias Druid
Beefswizzle Priest
Catlya Rogue
Calixia Priest
Nightkyss Warrior
Dwargon Paladin
Torrentious Druid
Akame Druid
Falidd Hunter
Mageomatic Mage
Kylee Mage
Runiko Shaman
Baltier Shaman
Meselidar Druid
Shadowcatch Hunter
Aiket Mage
Abime Rogue
Nachtlich Warlock
Jayse Warlock
Uccin Hunter
Allissi Warrior
Average Paladin
Crosijan Death Knight
Pamille Paladin
Sirchn Rogue
Lazuras Paladin
Bloddyhands Paladin
Optimality Death Knight
Cagaste Warrior
Wickedmonkey Death Knight
Jamien Hunter
Sheltri Warrior
Oakshlaran Druid
Opalas Druid
Netters Mage
Grumppy Druid
Lancealot Paladin
Hesran Hunter
Bandos Warlock
Nezzrethia Priest
Olona Priest
Vald Paladin
Nastynumb Paladin
Dksetra Death Knight
Ladors Hunter
Fryloock Warlock
Anandra Druid
Magectrick Mage
Osamee Hunter
Calterrex Mage
Nicos Rogue
Almightyhun Hunter
Celldweller Warlock
Russell Paladin
Shanulu Shaman
Vastanos Shaman
Htx Druid
Aurelial Druid
Kìi Rogue
Zethin Warrior
Kimina Priest
Gerak Warlock
Zerogrimm Death Knight
Aurilynx Paladin
Nierojo Paladin
Avangelene Warlock
Xeonis Mage
Laylre Hunter
Lasarius Hunter
Abgrund Rogue
Pestenoire Mage
Ohshift Druid
Jigun Paladin
Aegin Warrior
Kiriah Death Knight
Naturen Druid
Darthdwargon Death Knight
Kazuku Death Knight
Mishgato Paladin
Almightyone Priest
Vermoord Rogue
Blueraja Paladin
Facemeltor Priest
Alexial Shaman
Dippingdots Warlock
Akamy Death Knight
Redbane Warlock
Kaithu Paladin
Hombrae Druid
Gaaryn Shaman
Jiraya Rogue
Killingtime Death Knight
Gnomeybob Rogue
Olav Shaman
Shameo Shaman
Puré Priest
Akur Warrior
Chezam Druid
Smooshface Mage
Shang Druid
Khastic Warlock
Synfull Druid
Weegli Warrior
Axiomatic Paladin
Biohazzard Death Knight
Doreah Priest
Sassi Rogue
Elixia Druid
Kamiya Priest
Puenana Shaman
Grazier Mage
Laurelira Druid
Rlel Shaman
Séraphin Paladin
Mub Hunter
Kibi Druid
Setra Mage
Valthra Death Knight
Endbringer Death Knight
Ténèbre Warrior
Exzodian Mage
Kälte Mage
Redbanesgirl Hunter
Jovanna Priest
Myststalker Rogue
Faithshield Paladin
Tawnyroberts Rogue
Raved Death Knight
Daryzn Mage
Kuhr Warrior
Vondernatch Paladin
Blackadin Paladin
Achala Warlock

There is a whole lot of nostalgia when I look over that list. I wish we could get the band back together in Shadowlands. It’d be a blast.