The Future of the Website

Hey all,

I know that the guild’s website has practically been non-existent for a long time now. I’ve probably let some of you down who have been in the guild a long time and remember the days when I’d constantly be upgrading or redesigning the website to keep making it the best out there.

With the release of these forums I’m hoping to start that trend again. If you’re curious, we’re making use of Discourse for our forums here. They’re open source and much more modern than a lot of other choices out there. I choose them because of the founder (who is also known for projects such as

As a software developer myself, I’ve been wanting to either write my own system (which I had been working on) or find one that would allow me a lot of freedom to integrate into the guild website to make one cohesive and awesome experience. I think Discourse meets that goal.

For the next little while we’ll be a “forums” only website while I continue to work on the remaining portions. Right now I plan on designing it as the needs arise (likely starting with a news/blog system). I’m more than open to ideas and feature requests to help make this a great community and guild home for anyone interested!

The website will be designed using ASP.NET 5, (C#, MVC 6) using a MSSQL 2014 database. The Discourse forums are Ruby / ember.js based.

Want to know more or help? Let me know!

I also wanted to say that I’ll be adding / updating a lot of posts over the next several days to cover the important topics. I know no one likes rules and the like but they do serve an important purpose!

For now, the biggest rule is: Don’t be a dick. Be friendly. I’ll post a more long winded version on the official page but that’s the basis of the guild.

We’re all friends and family here. Treat each other like it! Treat strangers the same way because we’re inclusive here and they might decide to join the community!

I fixed the styling of the logo when you’re reading a thread. It was getting stretched and just looked awful. Now it should look more consistent between scrolling and loading the page.