The forums live again!

Welcome back, everyone!

As you may have noticed, the forums have been offline for a couple of weeks. That’s my fault, sorry! Last month I attempted to do a standard upgrade of Discourse to v3 and ran into some issues. The upgrade broke the current instance, and I couldn’t back out.

It took me a lot longer than planned to get things figured out, but they’re finally back! The root of the problem ended up being the version of Ubuntu I was running on the server (and an outdated Linux Kernal). I first installed our forums in 2014, and sadly, I forgot to upgrade the OS since the discourse upgrades are typically done through a web interface. Oops.

I plan to do additional work on the forums (and integrate them into the main site’s login and so forth) over the next few weeks. I’ll try to keep everyone posted on that progress, and should I run into issues, post on the main page or in Discord.

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