State of the Guild!

No, we aren’t dead!

Things have been pretty quiet on the website front for a while (a very long time actually). We haven’t been very active in any one single game in a while because here lately nothing seems to hold our attention for too long.

For the last little while it’s mostly been @Frylock and I bouncing around between games (SWTOR, Starcraft 2, Diablo 3, Final Fantasy 14, and lastly Devilian). We haven’t tried to put any time into recruiting more people because we weren’t sure we’d stick around in the game long enough and didn’t want to leave people hanging.

We’re currently playing Blade & Soul (headstart access started yesterday). I’m very hopeful that this game may be our home for a while. It’s a Korean MMO (launched years ago in Korea, just now launching in NA / EU markets). It’s skill based combat using combos and reactionary abilities unlike your traditional MMO (tab, 123111 style combat). It’s martial art themed and the character customization is pretty impressive. I could spend hours in there alone.

I encourage anyone who wants to play with us again to check it out! (It’s free to play, but offers premium features). From what I can see, it does not sell power grabs in the store so it should be fair if you don’t want to spend anything. I do recommend premium though for its perks and the login priority. The queues are pretty long right now on the Mushin server. If you’re not subscribed it will be a very long wait until things calm down a bit.

Overall it’s a pretty fun game. The launch (for me at least) has been very smooth aside from queues which are to be expected on hyped game launches.

If you want anymore info, let me know!

Game: Blade and Soul
Server: Poharan
Faction: Crimson Legion (you get a quest to pick a side once you level up a bit)

Slight update… we’ll no longer be on Mushin. NCSoft offered the ability for them to transfer the founders pack items one time to another character so we can get off Mushin and it’s insane queues (3 hours or more).

The guild will now be forming on the Poharan server instead. If there’s a queue here, it’s very minor.

Game: Blade and Soul
Server: Poharan
Faction: Crimson Legion