Square Enix Account Management.. the worst?

I have to admit, I’ve dealt with some bad websites over the years. Square Enix’s for Final Fantasy is one of them.

It seems like it’s designed to do nothing but annoy the crap out of you when trying to do anything. Apparently I was typing in the wrong password. It happens.

So I correct it. Oh hey, now there’s a captcha. No problem. So I type it in. Oops, now I can’t log in for “several minutes.” Okay, how long is several? 2 minutes? 5 minutes? A half hour? I think it ended up being 10 minutes.

So during this I decide to try to change my password. To do so I have to send myself the reset email, enter my birth date, and answer my secret question. So I do these things. You entered your current password! Pick another one! Oh hey, so I was entering the right password.

So I finally get logged into my account. SUCCESS!

Let’s change my security question because apparently I mistyped something (despite always using real information). So I go to that page! Enter password to proceed! Okay. Answer your current security question and enter current password to proceed. Are you kidding me? I DON’T KNOW IT THAT’S WHY I WANT TO CHANGE IT. So I try answering the two possible questions I picked. Oh hey, it looks like I WAS entering the right answer. Hey! Now I can change it though!

Seriously guys? I get you don’t want accounts getting hacked but that’s just ridiculous. Track IPs, force two factor phone authentication, do anything other than just annoy a user.

/end rant

I’m not sure why 2FA isn’t just standard everywhere now. Either send a $5 RSA token or make people get a phone app.

I do think that they offer 2FA, I see it as an option on the login menu when logging in game. I’m just scared to try to log back into my account on the web to try to enable it. lol