Rikana: Celebrating Our 12th Year!

Did you know that Rikana was founded and created TWELVE YEARS AGO today on 04-04-2003!? Happy Birthday to us!

It seems like only yesterday we formed in a galaxy far, far away… (In Star Wars: Galaxies)

As you all know, we’ve taken a bit of a long leave since I officially shut down the guild in World of Warcraft shortly after the Cataclysm expansion. We did try to get things going again in Star Wars: The Old Republic and in WildStar but we just never really dedicated ourselves to the games so we didn’t pick up any steam.

As we start our 12th year, I think it’s time we forge something new together. While I suspect we will inevitably settle around a single MMO for raiding and dungeons, I don’t want us to lose focus on the community of games as a whole. I think we will be at our strongest if we play all kinds of games together. Even if you may not participate in the MMO we play, you can still play with us in any other game that a member plays!

We can and will be an open and inclusive gaming community that’s dedicated to having fun as we make friends and play games together. We will allow anyone to join who is willing to be a part of our community in a positive way.

I’ve known some of you (and played games with, or you’ve been a member of Rikana) for the entirety of the guild’s existence. I’ve known @Nathkiira and @Tranami even longer going back to 1997 when we played StarCraft and Diablo together. I know that as we’ve all grown older our lives outside of gaming take more precedence. That’s why I think the future of the guild is in embracing the community aspect and enjoying whatever time we have for gaming among friends.

Who’s with me? Who wants to help rebuild the guild and make it a place to form long lasting friendships and enjoy some games again?

Long Live The Rikana! (for you very old timers!)

– Delebrin

lez, do it, :slight_smile:


Yeah! Jayse! I knew I could count on you!

Did you want me to fix your username to Jayse? (I think it might let you do it within the first three days.)

Also just replying to let @Tranami know that I fixed his username (changed to Tranami) as well. I think it defaults to part of your email when I send out the invites how I did.

sure, good to hear from you guys