Has anyone played Final Fantasy 14?

Does anyone in the guild play Final Fantasy 14?

I have a few friends at work who swear by it and I’ve seen several people I follow on Twitter all mention positive things. It’s subscription based but pulls in over 4 million users. I’m very tempted to check it out since it’s getting so many positive reviews.

I’ve been talking to @Frylock about playing it lately too. Anyone interested in giving it a shot?

Personally I’m excited for FFXV but I’ve never tried the massively multilayer ones.

I played it for a month or two on release. Pretty good game, pretty challenging and but a bit grindy, especially to level your other classes than your main one. Professions are also pretty interesting, if I recall correctly depending if you use high quality base materials you get a chance for superior items. I did like it but it is definitely a game to be played in a group.

I’ve never really played any of the games in the series at all. They’ve always looked good but just never got into them really.

Yeah, I’ve heard you almost have to stick with mostly the main story quests for your first class otherwise you’ll have no content to level up the other jobs. I do think it’s kind of awesome that you can do everything on a single character though and don’t need to make alts. I could see it taking forever to master everything.

Is this game graphic intensive? My computer is slightly anemic.

@Mykol It can also be played on PS4. All the various platforms (PS3/PS4/PC) all play on the same servers. So even if your computer can’t handle it you can fall back to the console. The only catch is you do have to pay for the game for both PC & PS4 if you want to be able to play it on both (not counting the monthly fee for the subscription).

I have a few friends who play it on PS3 and recently upgraded to PS4. I still prefer PC for my gaming!