Free Company Forming

Hey all!

I finally managed to join a Grand Company and get my mount on Saturday which means I’m now eligible to start our Free Company (guild) in game.

I’ve already gotten the charter. It’s created with the name Rikana and the tag of Rikan. I’ll need to get 3 people to sign it before I can turn it in and officially form it so let me know when you can be available!

In regards to the guild tag, I’d like to talk to you about it. I used “Rikan” to start with because when the guild first formed up in 2003 Star Wars Galaxies had the same guild tag system limited to 5 characters.

Do you guys want to use Rikan or another guild related tag or would you rather try to have fun with it? I’ve seen a lot of good tags in game that have nothing to do with the real guild name. Keep in mind most are probably taken.

Just thought I’d see what others thought. The tags can be changed but the name can’t. So we don’t have to make any tough decisions right now.

I currently have @Frylock’s signature for the free company. Still need two more!