Final Fantasy XIV: Server Info

Server: Leviathan
Linkshell: Rikana

Hey all.

As you can tell by my rant earlier, I’ve decided to give Final Fantasy 14 a try. I’ll be playing on a friend’s server and if others are interested I’ll probably end up starting a free company (guild) there.

It’s a popular world and they control character populations. Sometimes the world is locked and you won’t be able to make characters. Just try at off hours and you’ll be able to get on. Once it’s made you can always log right in as far as I know with no queue. I made my char at around 3am. You can design your appearance and save it to have it ready for when the world is open.

Let me know if you want to play!

6am Eastern is a good time to create a character on Leviathan. I was finally able to make mine!

(I think I prefer long queues over their system.)

Up to level 7 as a Thaumaturge on my way to eventual Black Mage. You can find me on Delebrin Darkcrest.

Well, I just transfered my toon from Diabolos to Leviathan! Feel free to add my to your friend list, my name is Nachtlich Darkblade.

What classes/levels are you on there?

I’ll start up the free company as soon as I hit the right level in game. I got close to 12 last night, so I read it takes at least level 25 to do it. I still have a bit to go. Until then I’ll see if I can get a link shell and at least set us up that way so we can have a chat channel.

If I recall correctly, I’m lvl 30 Lancer/15 Marauder/15 Thaumaturge right now.

I created a Linkshell “Rikana” for us to use for now until I can get our Free Company going. I’ll try to invite you when I see you online. Or we can coordinate a time.