Dungeon Friday

Anyone up for running the first three dungeons in Final Fantasy Friday night? I’m thinking maybe around 8pm.

You’ll need to unlock them if you haven’t. The dungeons run around level 19. The world story leads you to Sastasha first, then Tam Tera, and then Copperbell mines. I’ve done the first two but still need the third.

I figure this could be the start of some guild activities in FFXIV!

Sound off if you want to go.

Tagging @Frylock and @Nachtlich since I know you guys are playing.

Hoping more will join us. @Jayse are you playing any MMOs right now?

Hell yeah I’ll go. Might not be able to 8 but I can prolly do 9 friday. Got to get the 2 year to bed before I am allowed to game out :smile:

Yeah, we can start it later around 9 or 10 if needed. @Primus mentioned 8 might be a little too early for you.

I believe I will be able to make it, although I am not sure that I unlocked the dungeons yet. I also have a teamspeak server that we can use if you guys want voice chat.

Won’t be able to make it this evening. Have a few things going on and I’m still only level 8 so there is that too.

No worries. The first dungeons unlock around 18ish. If you’re around tomorrow any I can help you level and see if we can get you to unlock them.

I’m going to try to do some kind of guild event each weekend (won’t always be in Final Fantasy though). Just to try to get people together more.

Last night was fun!

We started about 9:15pm or so and ended up doing a total of 4 runs through Copperbell Mines. When I read about the boss fights they seemed a lot more difficult than they actually were. I suppose having an experienced tank / healer also helped out.

Thanks to @Nachtlich, @Primus, and @Lazarus for coming!

Hopefully we can start doing these types of things more often and start building up the guild in game soon!

@Nachtlich We’re running dungeons tonight if you’re around and want to!