Diablo IV is live!

Our Blessed Mother Lilith has shown us the way to unlock our true potential in the world of Sanctuary. Diablo IV is live (for early access)!

I’ve formed Rikana in-game, so if anyone wants to join in on some demon-slaying madness let me know!

Today is the official launch of the game!

I’m up to level 31 on my Necromancer. I’ve been doing every side quest I’ve found so I haven’t progressed too much outside of the Fractured Peaks. I decided to shift to just doing the main campaign quests until I finish the story (and especially Act III so I can unlock the mount for all characters). The game is insanely fun.

I just finished the story campaign in Diablo IV. It’s so good, so very very good. The Act 6 Cinematic was… perfection. I’m so happy to know they’re already working on two expansions to keep this story going.

Say hello to Puritii the Necromancer, currently sitting just shy of level 45.