Diablo 4 & Beta Weekends

Hey everyone,

Blizzard is opening Diablo 4 for beta testing this weekend and next weekend; if anyone is interested in joining the guild and hanging out, let me know! I have the Clan created in-game.

I started out with the Barbarian class (up to level 7 so far), and like previous games, it’s a blast. We can level as high as 25 through these betas (with Rogue & Sorcerer also being able to test). Hop in the game, and let’s slay some demons!

Blizzard is doing a Diablo IV server slam event that starts on May 12th. Let me know if anyone is down to kill demons and run dungeons! During the last beta weekend, @Frylock and I got a few characters to 25.

I plan to spend more time on Necromancer and Druid this time (I got Rogue/Barbarian up last time). I’m a little sad Corpse Explosion already got nerfed a bit, but it needed it. :joy: