A Call to Arms: Rikana Rises with World of Warcraft: Legion!

Our numbers have scattered far and wide across the realms and we’ve watched silently from the shadows for many years. We’ve waited to band together once more to fight for justice and honor. Brothers and Sisters of Rikana, the time has come for us to rise again.

It has been years since we’ve officially banded together as a guild. After the events of Cataclysm, we bounced from game to game trying to find a place that we could call home. We spent time in Star Wars: The Old Republic, Wild Star, and Final Fantasy XIV but none of them felt like home. Most of us spread out to various games on our own. A few of us have kept in touch outside the realm of gaming and some of us still play games together from time to time.

With the recent launch of Legion for World of Warcraft, I feel like it’s time for us to return home. The last couple expansions have really hit on some notes of nostalgia with content that feels like Burning Crusade which is where we really hit our stride. The classes have been reworked and feel like they play smoother than ever (though I’m sure opinions vary here!). There have been new classes added between Monk and Demon Hunter. The questing feels smoother than ever before. While I haven’t personally played through dungeons yet, I have heard good things from those that have.

I’d like to invite all former members of the guild to rejoin me in Legion. I invite you all to help rebuild and reshape the guild as a community for all. If we work together Rikana can be better than it has ever been and we can enjoy all the content the game has to offer. Most importantly, we can reconnect with old friends and make new ones along the way.

If you’re interested answer the call and find yourself welcomed home!

Long live the Rikana!

Del.E.Brin. Fond greetings from a long-lapsed guildy of the BC days! :slight_smile:

Happy to drop in and say hi! Empure and I are married and have a son these days. Raiding with the Rikana was, and will likely remain one of my all time favorite gaming experiences and memories. Thank you for that.

May you down many bosses and your drops be plentiful! Long live the Rikana.

ChaoticLight - Holy Priest

@ChaoticLight Hey! It’s always great to hear from a friend from the past! I’m also glad that I was able to build a place that you two remember fondly! If you two still play at all, or want to play from time to time, you’re always welcome here. I still haven’t really gotten things going again yet (busy work life at times) but hope to get things going soon.

Also, congratulations on the family front! That’s awesome news! Everyone needs a future raid leader in training, right?!

Miss you all!

Most of my favorite gaming memories were also from my time in The Rikana. I’ll never forget those nights in Karazhan. Couldn’t have been introduced to raiding and MMOs in general by a better group.

Hope you’re all doing well and I’m itching to play again!

Hey Brenz!

Great to see another familiar face! I’ve been doing great and hope you have been as well! I haven’t been gaming as much as I used to but that itch is always there for me as well.

If you decide to start playing again let me know! While I didn’t end up getting things going again with the guild for Legion as I hoped, if there is enough interest I’m certainly game for playing some with friends and seeing where things go from there.

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Nice! Good to hear you’re well, del!

I don’t play much PC these days as I’ve just had a son on June 15, but if any of you ever play things on Xbox live look me up, my gamertag is czer0es.

I’m planning to build a new PC before the year is out so hopefully I’ll be able to join you PC side soon!

All the best!

Congratulations on the addition to your family! That’s awesome!

I haven’t been a big console gamer in a long time. I’m trying to get used to the movement with the Nintendo Switch and playing some Zelda. One day I’ll get used to a controller again. lol

At the moment @Frylock and I are playing Diablo 3 quite a bit and we’re thinking about venturing back into Final Fantasy 14 for a while since they just released a new expansion. I know whenever I do try to start playing WoW it just doesn’t feel the same without all the familiar faces. Eventually I’m sure I’ll get over it and really get the guild going again. If I can get a few people to help me get things started again though that’d be awesome.

No matter what, stay in touch in the mean time. Feel free to talk about any games you are playing on xbox. Maybe it’ll lure some other familiar faces out of the woodwork and they’ll say hello!